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Vivian Trevizan-Oliveira, RMT

Vivian Trevizan Oliveria

Hi my name’s Vivian and I love helping 2 types of people in particular.

Firstly, I enjoy seeing transformational results in office workers suffering from posture related aches and pains through the use of Deep Tissue Massage , Trigger Point Therapy and when needed Dry needling.

Secondly, I like supporting sporty people including runners, triathletes, swimmers and all sorts of weekend warriors.

Not surprisingly I’m a keen dancer, I like Salsa, Samba, 90’s tunes, and swimming.

I run in the evenings and enjoy graphic design, eating delicious food and reading books about psychology and behavioural science.

I love connecting with people, and conversing with my clients, hearing about their lives and the interesting things they do.

If you are looking to improve your performance or get relief from work related aches and pains I look forward to meeting you and helping you in the near future.


Perth City Massage | (08) 6262 3756