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Massage Oils

Pregnancy Blend

Massage oilsA specifically blended massage oil that is safe during per-conception, early, mid and late stages of pregnancy as well as postpartum and for mothers who are breastfeeding. The soothing sweet almond oil is rich in proteins and vitamin D, known to help soften and recondition the skin.

Relaxation Blend

The oils combined in this massage blend are well known for promoting a peaceful and relaxed state. Let the soft fragrance seep into you allowing you to slow down and leave your stress at the door, shut your eyes and drift away.

Calm and Clarity

This blend has a very warm and familiar scent to it. The notes of lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang and cedarwood are so calming and trouble-free. Clear and clarify your mind whilst enjoying the subtlety of this lovely blend.

Sleep Easy

As the name suggests a restful night’s sleep and sweet dreams may follow after having a massage using this perfect blend of essential oils. Settle down and enjoy the likes of bergamot, patchouli, sweet orange and a few more of nature’s finest extracts.

Joint Ease Blend

A specifically designed therapeutic blend of oil that eases those sore, aching and inflamed joints. Incorporating ingredients from the leading joint ease formulas including rosemary, black pepper, and marjoram, this blend continues to provide relief for those with sore joints and joint conditions.

Sports Blend

Designed for muscle flexibility and recovery, this blend is for the athlete and the non sports person alike. The familiar sent of wintergreen, camphor, and pine warms and soothes as it penetrates deeply to loosen up sore tired muscles.


A water soluble oil that does not contain nuts, it’s ingredients include Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Glycerides – from Coconut oil, Polysorbate 85 and Vitamin E. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergies or don’t want the odor of a therapeutic massage oil blend.

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