Since 1990, our experienced Physiotherapists have been passionate about helping families and those in the workforce live better lives free from pain and discomfort. We offer care for a range of health issues, including vestibular vertigo, dizziness and tinnitus. Call us today.

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Perth CBD Physiotherapists Offer Family Care

The experienced  Perth CBD Physiotherapists at Central City Physiotherapy have a reputation for excellence in providing customised family healthcare. We welcome all friends in the community, from family members of every age to those employed in our corporate workforce. Whether you’re a weekend warrior who wants to up your game, or a senior dealing with mobility problems, we have the tools and expertise to make a difference.

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We Take a Heart-centred Approach

We pride ourselves on our friendly, personalised approach, and never subject our clients to standard cookie-cutter treatment plans and options. Our goal is to not only accurately identify the source of your problem but to get you out of pain in the shortest amount of time possible. We accomplish this intention through the use of state-of-the-art physiotherapeutic techniques and modalities.

Individualised Care at Central City Physiotherapy

All of our physiotherapists are great at analyzing ergonomic workstations. They aim to educate and empower you to reduce your risk of obtaining a work-related by increasing your awareness of how your set-up influences your body. If you feel that your work station is sub-optimal, we can help tailor your set-up to match your unique posture and sitting habits to reduce your pain levels and increase your productivity.

We’re known far and wide for our excellent customer service. We invite you to come in and learn why we’ve received this recognition. The experienced care at our popular location is supportive and client-centred.

Your wellbeing is our primary focus. Contact us today for an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists Perth CBD

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Welcome to Perth City Massage


Part of Central City Health Professionals, Perth City Massage is open 6 days a week for your convenience. Visit our central location in the Wellington Street Train Station and discover a caring, therapeutic touch with our experienced team. Our Perth CBD Massage Therapists strive to help you feel better, get you out of pain, relieve injury and release the buildup of stress and tension that occurs from everyday life.

Helping You Heal and Get Healthier

With a holistic, client-centred approach, we want to help you recover quickly and have lasting results. First, we’ll identify your needs and goals, then develop a plan to help you achieve them. We seek to find the root of your cause and thoroughly address it, ensuring that you live comfortably and alleviating common issues such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, knee problems and more. Our personal, compassionate touch makes all the difference to our clients, who feel relaxed and can’t wait to begin their healing from the moment they arrive. Along with a range of Massage therapy techniques, our Massage therapists Perth CBD offer dry needling to boost your healing.

The different types of massage therapy we offer are:

massage therapy -Perth City Massage
Massage Perth CBD Perth City Massage accept all Health Funds
Head Massage therapy Perth

Payment Options

Massage therapy is covered by private health rebates with extras cover for remedial massage. We participate with workplace accident cover and motor vehicle accident cover. HICAPS is available on-site for immediate rebates. We also have eftpos®, and you can use any major credit card.

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