Corporate Massage

It is a well know fact that massage in the office is a great benefit in alleviating stress, boosting office morale as well as increasing and enhancing productivity.

Massage releases muscular tension and helps unblock the sensory receptors. Medical practitioners are now realising the connection between stress and illness; stress being the main cause of the decline in productivity in the workplace.

As headaches, stress and chronic pain are the major causes for over half of all staff absences, massage is a tool used as a stress and wellness management and fits well into the new generation of business leaders.

Perth City Massage can offer you an affordable, convenient on-site massage at your workplace. The client remains fully dressed and treatment is given kneeling on a specially designed massage chair. Therapists concentrate on massaging the head, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and back. The benefits of an office massage are quite broad and substantive, making a real and lasting impact in your working environment.

Whether you want to say thank you to your staff for all their hard work or reward employees for completing the last big project, we are happy to accept payment from the individuals as well as corporate payments.